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Robotics: Inspire Nyack

by | Feb 11, 2011 | News

Article featured at Nyack News & Views

Nyack Schools has accepted a $40,000 donation for the district’s robotics program from the The Foundation to Inspire Excellence in Nyack Schools.

Nyack Schools’ say robotics participation helps improve students’ skills in math, technology and science. “The robotics program is currently reaching over 600 elementary students and more than 400 middle schoolers,” says President, Inspire Nyack Presient Michael Leifer.  The $40,000 donation in 2011 is in addition to the $110,000 previously given to Nyack Schools by the foundation.

Robotics is part of 8th grade technology concepts curriculum as well as being a club at the middle school.  Inspire Nyack also funds participation in student competitions. Nyack Schools’ Board of Education President Michael Lagana and Trustee Dan Juechter are members of the Inspire Nyack Board of Directors.

The Inspire Nyack Foundation will sponsor an “Inspire Nyack Day” in the elementary schools on Thomas Alva Edison’s birthday, February 11. Events include Liberty Science Center’s groundbreaking interactive assembly on electricity and gas and a Super Science assembly that explores the force of gravity and sound.

The foundation’s fourth annual Casino Night will be held on Saturday, March 5 at 7p at the Nyack Seaport. Proceeds from the event will fund educational enrichment programs in the Nyack School District.


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